Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How I organize all my goodies

This is one of my favorite organizational things that I came up with so far...only because I think it's so stinkin' cute. The bonus is that it only cost about $5.00! I bought the plastic tray out of the Target (once again - my favorite place) "dollar" bin for $2.50. Then I bought a Rubbermaid plastic kitchen turntable and hot glued the tray on top of the turntable. Now I have a spot in the middle of my tables to hold all my items that I use a lot when creating. Who would have thought that something so inexpensive could dress up an area so well?!?

Below is a shelf that was added recently between the counter top and the cabinets. It holds all my embellishments (anyone think I have a hoarding problem yet?) It took a lot of convincing to get my husband to build this for me because he told me if he made me more storage space, I'd just buy more to fill it up (he knows me well). Anyhow, it has been one of the best things because I can see all my little embellies and tend to use them more because they are right there in arms reach and in plain view for me to see. It freed up a lot of cabinet space too. You know how it is, you have a deep pantry and all the stuff that gets pushed to the back never gets used. That was the case here, but not anymore!
Below are some more cool Target finds. The 6 container holder thingy (sorry, can't think of a better name right now) was a year end sale item in the garden dept. It's a perfect spot to store scissors, embossing tools, Exacto knives, markers, etc. LOVE IT! The black container is from the kitchen dept. and would typically hold kitchen utensils, but holds my crafting utensils just as well. It spins too, so that's a bonus. The jar was another year end clearance item and is a great home to my much-used sponges.
I have the handiest father-in-law in the world and he created this awesome stamp pad holder for me w/o a single complaint. It was designed for the old style pads, but was easily adapted so the newer ones fit too. It also holds the reinker along side the pad. When I was drawing out the design sketch, I made sure it would hold 2 pads of the same color because I have to have extras for workshops, etc.
Here is another great deal I came upon at an antique store. I bought these adorable little jars for under $3 a piece and they hold all the CTMH buttons and look adorable too. Yes, the size of the shelf was designed to hold these jars.

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