Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sticky Boy! | CTMH My Acrylix Clear Stamps

Ever heard of Sticky Boy? He is kind've the mascot at the Close to my Heart conventions. He typically shows up life-sized at conventions, but also he is hidden (in stamp form) at the convention hall. Finders keepers...losers weepers!

Watch the video posted above to see just how durable Sticky Boy (and all Close to my Heart Acrylic stamps) are!

Sticky Boy
may be coming to your house for the holidays! Place an order on my website and you too might possibly "find"
Sticky Boy in your box of goodies. Now that December is here and the Plenty for Twenty campaign is going, Close to my Heart has decided to up the ante— In random Plenty for Twenty-qualifying MyCTMH orders throughout December, they’ll be adding in a special stowaway absolutely FREE: Sticky Boy! He’ll be available in different sizes and in his own packaging, so check your box closely to see if you’ve won him as a bonus prize this December.

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