Sunday, April 15, 2012

Easter Decor

My buffet

 During my spring break, I had intended to get a bunch of Easter themed craft projects done to post here. I was hoping to inspire you to create something special to share during your holiday. Due to two babies in the family being born that week, those projects never were completed (insert sad face here). I wanted to post something Easter themed, so I decided to snap some pictures of my Easter decor before I put it all away recently. Hopefully it inspires you in some way as you prepare for your next holiday. I like to decorate in the spring with birds, nests, and flowers/greenery that depict new growth.
A close up of some of the ceramic items on the buffet. 

I just LOVE this bunny. She reminds me of my grandma, who was always in the garden.
My terrarium, with fake grass and colorful eggs.

The table

I added Easter grass & wire eggs to the three-tier plant holder.

This is a plate shelf/towel rack I have in my kitchen. I typically put out holiday themed towels.

A place next to my kitchen sink for soap. The basis of this idea is from Pinterest ♥ 

My mom made this in the late 60's when painted ceramics were the latest rage.

Speaking of my mom, this was her centerpiece on the Easter table. It was so cute, I had to share it!

This wooden tray with compartments makes a great candy dish and was always filled with a variety of jelly beans or m&m's. I'm glad Easter is over, because take my word for it, you can't just eat a few and it's not very Weight Watcher friendly!

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  1. I'm thinking you love Easter,please come decorate my house next year.I live in sunny Australia :)