Sunday, November 14, 2010

Signs of Fall

I figured that I better get this posted before the snow starts flying! I tried a few weeks ago but it was taking forever for the pictures to post and I gave up. A good friend of mine shared a trick (post 1 pic. at a time), so I tried again and it worked! Anyhow...FALL is one of my favorite seasons of the year and here are some reasons why:

I love the colors of the trees - this is right outside my front door...

I love anything pumpkin! I was grocery shopping and saw that Betty Crocker had a pumpkin cookie mix, so I had to try it! It is the best cookie mix I have ever tried! Of course the gob of cream cheese frosting on top makes it even better. It was well worth giving up my $ in the office weight loss contest. Dylan, my youngest helped decorate the tops of the cookies and had fun with that.
I love to decorate for fall. I think I even like it better than decorating for the Christmas holidays (not so overwhelming). Anyhow, I found this cute pumpkin at Joann's a few years back and love to display it during this time of year.

Throughout the seasons, I love to change the decor on my buffet. This was obviously from Halloween, but now I have taken the pumpkins away and added the pumpkin from the picture above.
Finally, I also love to change this tiered basket out with the seasons. I just love the garland with the little pumpkins on it.

Hopefully this inspires you to share your love of your favorite holiday season. Enjoy.

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